Stéphane Gilot. Model Worlds

Authors: Eve-Lyne Beaudry, Marie-Eve Beaupré, Florence De Mèredieu, Séamus Kealy

Artist: Stéphane Gilot

2012, 128 p., softcover
Colour illustrations, 18.4 x 26.4 cm
French / English
Table of contents
Graphic design: Makara
Co-edited with Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
© Stéphane Gilot, the authors, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Galerie de l’UQAM
ISBN 978-2-920325-47-0

Stéphane Gilot explores various forms of utopia and dystopia, architecture, social structures, cosmology and epistemology. With a multidisciplinary approach involving installation, video, maquettes and drawing, he develops a wealth of ideas on the notion of “worlds”. This book focuses on two major works: MULTIVERSITÉ/Métacampus (2012) and La Cité performative (2010). The latter is a synthesis of the artist’s varied practice: small-scale models of earlier projects and other architectural projections stand on a platform like a miniature city, with some of the buildings housing performance videos. MULTIVERSITÉ/Métacampus, for its part, is like a forum for research, experimentation, exchange and reflection on the university as a utopian exemplar and for imagining its potential as a place for the emergence, development and circulation of ideas and knowledge. Drawing on the history of Université du Québec à Montréal, its archives, founding ideologies, urban architectural integration, evolution and present status, it models multiple (desirable and undesirable) visions of university as institution and world unto itself. Generously illustrated and fully bilingual, the publication includes a rewrite of Borges’s famous Library of Babel adapted to Gilot’s visual universe by the art historian Florence de Mèredieu, essays on MULTIVERSITÉ/Métacampus by Marie-Eve Beaupré, independent curator, and Séamus Kealy, director of The Model (Ireland), and an essay on La Cité performative by Eve-Lyne Beaudry, curator of contemporary art at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.

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