Sébastien Cliche. La doublure

Graduating Master's student in visual and media arts

Artist: Sébastien Cliche

October 19, 2012 - December 8, 2012

Opening: October 20, 2012, 2:00 pm

Sébastien Cliche seeks to transpose programmatic strategies of hypermedia fiction, such as interactivity, variability and random sequencing, into non-computer-based works. The installation La doublure resembles a psychology lab where the subject is observed through a glass wall, but without the usual observer/observed hierarchy. Who is observing whom? What is the role of the spectator if not to sit and watch the show? In everyday life, an encounter between two strangers causes discomfort that can be partially resolved through an exchange, usually an exchange of looks and a polite smile allowing each person to perceive the other as innocuous and benevolent. La doublure presents an encounter where this basic protocol is not respected.

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