Monique Régimbald-Zeiber. Éclats de Rome

Under the event Orizzonte Québec

Curator: Julie Bélisle

Artist: Monique Régimbald-Zeiber

La Nube di Oort, Rome

November 12, 2008 - December 13, 2008

The exhibition

Éclats de Rome is part of the Grandes Romancières Series, a group of works done around the figures of great women novelists. In Rome, the artist presents a piece done around the writer Elsa Morante. In the context of her research on the relationship between literature and painting, Monique Régimbald-Zeiber focused on the novel La Storia which mixes the history of the Second World War and the history of the character of Iduzza in Rome.

The proposed exhibition is intimist in nature and brings together, like a collection of short stories, a body of work made up of more than four hundred watercolours and small linen canvases. Éclats de Rome is composed, therefore, of motifs and snatches of time. Rectangles with sharp, clearly defined outlines, fine brushwork in warm and scratched colours, lines in tight formations, words transcribed onto linen—the whole looks like a cross between a tiny canvas and a sketchbook page.

A bilingual catalogue (French/Italian) is published.

The artist

Monique Régimbald-Zeiber lives and works in Montreal. Holding a doctorate on Russian avant-garde literature, she has been teaching at UQAM’s École des arts visuels et médiatiques since 1992. Her works are part of various collections and have been shown in Quebec, in Canada, and in Europe.

The supports

Canada Council for the Arts

Fonds québécois de recherche sur la culture et la société (FQRSC)

Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine du Québec

Agence culturelle du Québec en Italie