Curator: Louise Déry

Artists: Michael Snow, David Altmejd, Glenn Gould, Raphaëlle de Groot, Jérôme Fortin, Isabelle Hayeur, Mark Lewis, Rober Racine, Jocelyn Robert

Akbank Sanat, Istanbul

November 6, 2008 - December 20, 2008

The Galerie de l’UQAM is presenting the first group exhibition of Canadian artists to be held in Turkey. Titled Metamorphosis, the event will take place at Akbank Sanat and, under Louise Déry’s curatorial care, will present works by Michael Snow, David Altmejd, Jérôme Fortin, Raphaëlle de Groot, Isabelle Hayeur, Mark Lewis, and Jocelyn Robert. Four audio projects are also part of the exhibition—by Michael Snow, Jocelyn Robert, Rober Racine, and Glenn Gould—along with two film and video programs prepared by Peggy Gale and Louise Déry.


The word Metamorphosis, of ancient origin, characterizes more than any other the huge array of transformations societies are undergoing today. Some even speak of a change of paradigm, signifying by that a transformation of human civilization itself. The unbelievable turmoil we see around us testifies to its irrepressible force. The artist, not a passive witness, records its tremors, like a seismograph of the state of the world. Like its intuitive and enlightened surveyors, the thought processes in which the artist is engaged are inscribed in the transformative potential of work itself. Between the changing, moving, trembling, scintillating world and the artwork that speaks, suggests, touches, and troubles, the artist embodies the very idea of passage and transformation. Here, the present can grow deep roots, find sustenance in millennial forces. To show contemporary works here, the fruit of artists’ singular gestures, heightens one’s awareness of the metamorphoses of the world in which we live.

7 Visual Artists

Michael Snow, David Altmejd, Jérôme Fortin, Raphaëlle de Groot, Isabelle Hayeur, Mark Lewis, Jocelyn Robert

4 Sound Projects

Michael Snow, Jocelyn Robert, Rober Racine, Glenn Gould

2 Film and Video programmes

Michael Snow, Teri Wehn-Damisch, Dara Gellman/Leslie Peters, Tom Sherman, Steve Reinke, Donigan Cumming, Diane Landry, Chantal du Pont, Jan Peacock, Vera Frenkel, John Massey, Lisa Steele + Kim Tomczak, Jean-Pierre Aubé, Rebecca Belmore

1 publication

A trilingual catalogue (Turkish, French, English) will be launched at the opening.
Texts of: Louise Déry, Peggy Gale, Michael Snow and Ali Akay.

The curator

Louise Déry holds a doctorate in art history and has been the director of the Galerie de l’UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal) since 1997. An exhibition curator and essayist, she also teaches museology and art history, and has served as curator of many contemporary art exhibition in Canada and in other countries (Dominique Blain, David Altmejd, Françoise Sullivan, Roberto Pellegrinuzzi, Nancy Spero, Jana Sterbak, Sarkis, etc.) and collective exhibition with works by Michael Snow, Daniel Buren, Giuseppe Penone et Melvin Charney. In 2007, she was the commissioner for Canada at the Venice Biennal.

The supports

Akbank Sanat

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Canada Council for the Arts

Canadian Embassy in Ankara