Alejandra Manrique. Dans la maison de Juana. Visite

Graduating master's student in visual and media arts, UQAM

Artist: Alejandra Manrique

October 21, 2005 - November 26, 2005

Opening: October 20, 2005, 5:30 pm

The Galerie de l’UQAM will present the exhibition In Juana’s House.Visit, by Alejandra Manrique. Visitors to this exhibition will be taken through an interactive video “autofiction,” which sketches a fragmented portrait of the artist’s cultural identity.

In this “autofiction,” stories from the novel Los cuentos de Juana (the stories of Juana), written in 1972 by the Colombian author Alvaro Cepeda Samudio, are combined with anecdotes from the artist’s own life to create personal narratives and an “autofictional” character.” “Autofiction” here becomes a place where Alejandra Manrique can reconstruct metaphoric images of her culture while dealing with some of the historical and social issues affecting her country.

The work, as shown in the Galerie de l’UQAM, is made up of three virtual spaces and nine videos that are discontinuous in terms of events and the time frame in which they occur. Visit, which is the first part of the exhibition In Juana’s House, explores the relationship of viewers to the screen and to the virtual interactive space behind it. The second part of the project entitled Inhabit, will be shown at MAI (Montréal Arts Interculturels) in May 2006.

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