Sylvie Readman


Silver prints on masonite (2 elements)
95 x 129 cm each
Edition 1/3
Gift of the artist

Sylvie Readman’s practice involves recreating images based on documented reality, as distinct from simply reproducing its representation. Most of her photographic work has in common a paradoxical approach to depth and distance: the viewer is caught between wanting to enter the frame and needed to stand back in order to take it all in. In this way, the artist employs the technique of distanciation from the image in order to trouble the medium of photography, a method exemplified in this work. We are obliged to stand back, as if suspended in the time required to contemplate the subject. In Incidences, we see an aerial view with the landscape clouded by fog and streaks of snow, and clouds dispersing on the curve of the horizon.

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