Maryse Goudreau, La constellation du béluga (video still), 2019-2021, video, black and white, colour, sound, 5min 36s

Deep Times: final act of the QUADrature project

24 February 2021

Curator: Bénédicte Ramade
Artists: Maryse Goudreau, Kelly Jazvac, Clara Lacasse, Jessica Slipp
Dates: From March 11, 2021
Virtual inauguration: Thursday, March 11, 5 p.m.

Galerie de l’UQAM reveals Deep Times, the fourth and final chapter of the QUADrature project, conceived specifically for digital screens. We are once again joining forces with LOKI, a Montréal-based design studio, for the project’s web design. After having explored multiple facets regarding identity and politics closely related to the body and humanity in the first three acts, Deep Times spans out toward planetary and environmental issues.

Curated by Bénédicte Ramade, the virtual exhibition presents works by Maryse Goudreau, Kelly Jazvac, Clara Lacasse and Jessica Slipp, and examines different temporalities – those of intermission, acceleration, deceleration – to which humanity and its environment are subjected.

Excerpt from the curator’s text:
“The Anthropocene, our current epoch of patent human agency, is an expanse of time when geologies, wrought by centuries of exploitation, have unleashed accelerated chaos onto societies and ecologies. While our own pandemic lives might seem to have slowed down, earthly rhythms have maintained their unchecked pace. Such is the disjointed context and shared period in which our four artists have dedicated themselves to long-term projects. Patience-testing periods like these make fertile months for scientific inquiry and for deep dives into subject matter like research ethics and environmental responsibility – durational activities incompatible with the hectic tempo of crisis. These deep times can allow for a more genuine engagement with the moral demands made by one’s subject”.