Pierre Bourgault. L’horizontale imaginée

Authors: Pierre Bourgault, Claire Gravel

Artist: Pierre Bourgault

1997, 37 p., hardcover
Black and white illustrations, 21 x 25 cm
Graphic design: Fleury/Savard
© Pierre Bourgault, Claire Gravel, Galerie de l’UQAM
ISBN 2-892761-59-X

Claire Gravel examines Pierre Bourgault’s sculptural objects, strongly inspired by navigation practises and parameters. Citing the artist liberally, the author studies his interest for horizontality, situating beings and objects on the same plane. Gravel looks into how the works, manoeuvres and drawings on the floor are elaborated. The book includes a list of the artist’s public pieces from 1986 to 1996 and the reproduction of a number of pages from his logbook.

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