Michèle Waquant. Médianes

Edited by: Nicole Gingras

Authors: Philippe Cyroulnik, Louise Déry, Michel Enrici, Nicole Gingras, Michèle Waquant

Artist: Michèle Waquant

1999, 128 p., softcover
Colour illustrations, 20.5 x 25.5 cm
Table of contents
Graphic design: Fleury/Savard
© Michèle Waquant, the authors, Galerie de l’UQAM
ISBN 2-89276-168-9

This publication presents the work of the Quebec artist Michèle Waquant by way of an interview with Nicole Gingras, three short texts by the artist describing her work methods, and a critical commentary by the curator. Gingras sees in Waquant’s multi-modal work various aspects linking it to the figurative and makes connections between two unequally known elements of her work, video and painting, by pointing out the recurring movement from one medium to the other and the way this constitutes Waquant’s singular position in contemporary art.

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