Roberto Pellegrinuzzi
Les Écorchés. Claire


Digital prints on PVC mounted archive paper (63 elements)
360 x 240 cm (overall dimensions)
Edition 1/1
Gift of the artist

Roberto Pellegrinuzzi’s work is about the technique of photography as much as it is a reflection on the medium, a medium which he employs, in turn, as a subject unto itself. The series Les Écorchés draws the viewer into a level of detail that shows us how a face is unlike other kinds of images. Indeed, in these images, we make out textures, a sense of thickness, traces and even scars. Rather than limit the nature of the photograph to an analogue resemblance, the artist focuses on the nature of the image as a “verisimilitude.” Pierre and Claire lie at the core of this reflection. Their faces are revealed to us as landscapes riddled with crevasses, bumps, folds, the crease of an eyelid, and from it, the bridge of a nose, in steep relief. In this way, our gaze does not halt at the image as a whole, but rather at all of its components, those elements that shape the contours of the individual in their uniqueness.   

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