March 15, 2021

Title: La grande marche des petites choses
Directors: Aurélie Collignon, Raphaëlle de Groot
Canada, France | 2020 | 46min | French

As part of Festival international du film sur l’art (FIFA)‘s 39th edition, Galerie de l’UQAM will be co-presenting La grande marche des petites choses, a film directed by Raphaëlle de Groot and Aurélie Collignon. On Thursday, March 18, at noon, FIFA will be sharing an interview with the directors lead by Louise Déry on its Facebook and Youtube accounts.

Canadian artist Raphaëlle de Groot sets out on a walk lasting several days, crossing the Seine-Saint-Denis region and ending in downtown Paris. Aurélie Collignon’s attentive camerawork captures the city’s suburbs, still under construction, where a new tramway and a planned metro promise better access for these cut-off areas. The people encountered along the way bear witness to their own journeys and immigration stories, and to the reality of life in the disadvantaged housing projects. The route follows several hidden waterways to eventually reach the future ​“écoquartier” known as Les Grands Voisins, the site of a temporary occupation where people in precarious situations are sheltered. Following the currents and the history of the Paris waterways, this performance reconnects with the geology of Île-de-France region, while also exploring the landscape of solidarity.