2018_Soulevements_BelmoreRebecca Belmore, The Blanket, 2011, still from the HD video, color, sound, 4 min 32 s. Courtesy of the artist © Rebecca Belmore


The version of the exhibition Uprisings presented in Montreal will be enhanced by Quebec and Canadian content to anchor the project in the historical and political North American context that is ours. In addition to the touring works, about fifteen documentary photographs, more than fifteen contemporary works and various archival documents speaking directly to or evoking various uprisings that have shaken our society (Sir George Williams University case, 2012 student strike, Idle No More, abortion rights, Africville, Corridart, etc.) From the desire for emancipation of French-speaking people from Québec to indigenous struggles to feminist and anti-racist claims, the added content, without pretending to be exhaustive, intends to suggest the plurality of struggles that animate us.


Canadian artists integrated to Uprisings

Magdeleine Arbour, Marcel Barbeau, Rebecca Belmore, Dominique Blain, Paul-Émile Borduas, Shary Boyle, Alain Chagnon, Bruno Cormier, Pascal Dumont, École de la montagne rouge, Édouard Plante-Fréchette, Mario Jean, Marcelle Ferron-Hamelin, Claude Gauvreau, Pierre Gauvreau, Stéphane Gilot, Muriel Guilbault,  Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Michèle Lalonde, Suzy Lake, Fernand Leduc, Thérèse Leduc, Marilou Lemmens & Richard Igbhy, Jean-Paul Mousseau, Jacques Nadeau, Maurice Perron, Louise Renaud, Françoise Riopelle, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Blaire Russell, Peter Sibbald, Michael Snow, Françoise Sullivan, Gabor Szilasi, Paul-Henri Talbot, Étienne Tremblay-Tardif, Pierre Vallières, Andrew Vaughan, Joyce Wieland, anonymous, various archives from the Médiathèque littéraire Gaëtan-Dostie.



2018_Soulevements_JeanMario Jean, Untitled [Student demonstration, April 4, 2012, Montréal], 2012. Courtesy of the artist © Mario Jean

Working team

The presentation of Uprisings in Montréal is realized by Galerie de l'UQAM in collaboration with Cinémathèque québécoise. A working committee, chaired by Louise Déry (Director of Galerie de l'UQAM), brought together the following people: Guillaume Lafleur (Cinémathèque québécoise), Marie Fraser (Département d’histoire de l’art, UQAM), Gisèle Trudel (École des arts visuels et médiatiques, UQAM), Véronique Leduc (Département de communication sociale et publique, UQAM) and Anne Philippon, Philippe Dumaine and Ariane de Blois (Galerie de l’UQAM).

The integration of Canadian content was carried out by Louise Déry, Guillaume Lafleur, Ariane de Blois and Katrie Chagnon (for the conference), with the complicity of Georges Didi-Huberman. Anne Philippon and Philippe Dumaine coordinated the implementation. The technical staff of Galerie de l'UQAM and Cinémathèque québécoise, under the direction of Louis-Philippe Côté, Johane Lévesque, Philippe Chevrette and Claudine Viens, contributed to the scenography.

Canada Council for the Arts Canada Council for the Arts


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