Monuments. Considérations sur l’art et la guerre autour d’une œuvre de Dominique Blain

Edited by: Louise Déry

Authors: Louise Déry, Georges Leroux, Anne-Marie Ninacs, John R. Porter

Artist: Dominique Blain

2004, 228 p., hardcover, jacket
Black and white illustrations, 15 x 22.3 cm
French / English
Table of contents
Graphic design: Emmelyne Pornillos
© Dominique Blain, the authors, Galerie de l’UQAM
ISBN 2-920325-86-8

In this book on the relationship between art and war, the exhibition’s curator, Louise Déry, analyzes the work of Dominique Blain in addition to discussing desecrated heritages and the safeguarding of cultural properties. Taking Blain’s work as a starting point, philosopher Georges Leroux reflects on the meaning of monuments as witnesses to universal memory. Anne-Marie Ninacs explores the notion of “monument” in contemporary art, and John R. Porter retells the saga of the Polish art treasures that were sheltered in Canada during World War II.

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