Moe Reinblatt. The artist and his work 1939-1979

Author:Hélène Sicotte

Artist: Moe Reinblatt

1990, 100 p., couverture souple
23 x 28 cm, illustrations couleur
Français / Anglais
Table des matières
Graphisme : Nadia des Ormeaux
© Moe Reinblatt, Hélène Sicotte, Galerie de l’UQAM
ISBN 2-89276-078-X

The exhibition Jewish Painters and Modernity, Montreal 1930-1945, organized in 1987 by Esther Trépanier at the Saidye-Bronfman Centre Art Gallery, was an opportunity to discover early works by a number of artists from Montreal’s Jewish community, inviting us to follow the individual development of each of them. The current Moe Reinblatt retrospective is a response to this invitation. It is in some ways an elaboration on the previous venture, a voyage of exploration in search, not of an entire community, but this time of a single man. New perspectives emerge as we learn more about the work of this artist who, as a Montrealer and the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, found himself at the confluence of several sources of inspiration.

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