Loin des yeux près du corps. Entre théorie et création

Edited by: Thérèse St-Gelais

Authors: Thérèse St-Gelais, Sylvie Fortin, Émilie Houssa, Joanne Lalonde, Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre, Mercédès Baillargeon, Catherine Cyr, Stéphane Martelly, Lori Saint-Martin, Jocelyne Lupien, Frieda Ekotto, Martine Delvaux, Isabelle Boisclair, Catherine Mavrikakis, Elvan Zabunyan, Audrey Laurin, Liza Petiteau, Sophie Stévance, Jacinthe Dupuis

Artists: Ghada Amer, Caroline Boileau, Louise Bourgeois, Marie-Claude Bouthillier, Geneviève Cadieux, Caroline Gagné, Betty Goodwin, Anne-Marie Ouellet, Kiki Smith, Angèle Verret, Marquise Lepage, Les Fermières Obsédées

2012, 182 p., soft cover
Colour illustrations, 21 x 26.5 cm
Table of contents
Graphic design: Dominique Mousseau
Coedited with Éditions du remue-ménage
© The artists, the authors, Éditions du remue-ménage, Galerie de l’UQAM
ISBN 978-2-920325-45-6

Loin des yeux près du corps. Entre théorie et création is a collection of essays on the current output of women makers in a variety of disciplines. The first section of the book focuses on the pieces presented in the exhibition Loin des yeux près du corps. They render sensitive experiences that require more than vision to be seen. The second section assembles writings about the intimate connections between theory and creation in the work of women artists, authors, historians and thinkers. Starting from the premise that lived spaces are inseparable from spaces devoted to thinking and making, the book presents practices invested in critical knowledge production on our ways of thinking and making. This grouping of texts and artworks shows the degree to which body and spirit coalesce through the affirmation of an identity that requires perpetual reconsideration.

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