Kamissa Ma Koïta
Reenactment. Nous serons universel.le.s


Single edition
Performers, from left to right: Magatte Cheikhovitch Wade, Anaïs Joly-Damphousse, Dimani Mathieu Cassendo, MarilouCraft, Kamissa Ma Koïta, Shaïna, Po B. K. Lomami, Val Bah, Miriame Gabrielle Archin, members of the public
Photo: Doriane Biot

Reenactment, Nous serons universel.le.s reenvisions a famous portrait of the Automatistes, taken by Maurice Perron during the group’s second exhibition in 1947. Ma Koïta substitutes the well-known figures of the original photograph, such as Paul-Émile Borduas, Claude and Pierre Gauvreau, Madeleine Arbour and Marcel Barbeau, with members of Montréal’s black community. He thus reveals an ambivalence regarding this group’s legacy, and more largely that of Québec’s modernity which it represents. If the ideals of artistic freedom, innovation and political engagement brought forth by the group—most notably through Refus global—are a source of energy and inspiration, their centralized position in Québec’s art history relies however on repeatedly shrouding the work of racialized artists. Here, Ma Koïta surrounds himself with members of his community to reclaim the space that is rightfully theirs.

The Reenactment, Nous serons universel.le.s photograph was taken as part of the Nous serons universel.le.s performance that took place during the Refus contraire exhibition and OFFTA.

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Galerie de l'UQAM

September 18, 2020 - November 21, 2020

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Nous serons universel.le.s

May 26, 2018

Galerie de l’UQAM
In French and English
Free admission

Moderator: Camille Richard

Followed by a discussion with the performers