Stéphane La Rue


Acrylic on linen canvas
134.6 x 134.6 cm
Gift of the artist

The title of this work suggests the notional potential of the colour white. Compositionally, variations in the application of paint invite a consideration of the surface area’s topology. Minimal touches that define pictorial space imbue it with a sense of tension between background and the suggestion of virtual forms. Economy of touch and uncluttered formal structure evident in Extension bring the work’s physical presence to the fore, as defined by depth, angles, and light; these characteristics in turn reveal consistency, transparency, luminosity, texture, and tonal features. The subtle treatment of the monochromatic surface makes the creative process apparent – swaths of white like so many fields where remnants of painterly gesture become image. The fields of white draw attention to the process of applying paint, to the choice of format, and even to how the work is hung. La Rue’s practice explores the countless possibilities of a pictorial medium whose effects seem as infinitely variable as the surfaces they are made on.

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