2019_Salledesmaquettes-Lavoie-gRaymond Lavoie, Salle des maquettes (version 2), 1995, acrylic on canvas, 274 x 660 cm (18 elements of variable dimensions). Collection d’oeuvres d’art de l’UQAM (2007.7.1-18)

Salle des maquettes

Curator: Anne Philippon

March 8 - April 13, 2019 

Opening: Thursday, March 7, 5:30 p.m.

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The exhibition Salle des maquettes brings together works from the Collection d’oeuvres d’art de l’UQAM that reflect the modelling of artistic practice. Manifested in various forms, this working process,  a progression over time, can be identified by both the topics addressed and the conceptual methodology that supports its execution. Although models, sketches, preparatory drawings and notebooks are concrete examples that reveal the beginnings of a project, details and patterns that characterize the work also feature here. This study of the relationship between projects that serve as a springboard for other projects reveals the importance of research and reflection in the work of several artists from the University’s collection.

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