Alain Paiement
Parages (Puits; Partir d’où j’habite; Pane mundial; Cave/Iris)


Digital prints on photographic paper, Lambda chromogenic print on plastic / aluminum composite (4 elements)
Puits: 16.5 x 16.5 cm
Partir d’où j’habite: 50.2 x 121.9 cm
Pane mundial: 50.2 x 152.4 cm
Cave/Iris: 25.4 x 25.4 cm
Edition 3/5
Gift of the artist

Parages is part of a praxis involving a kind of mapping, or topographical reproduction of everyday space as if it were the map of the world we inhabit. In this installation, Alain Paiement borrows representational modes from both cartography and archeological practice. Here, the artist submits his own surroundings to an unlikely kind of scrutiny, occasioned by photographing it from above. The reconstituted images present a flurry of activity, points of view, distinct timeframes and characters in which parallel entities intersect and overlap. This work achieves a fascinating experience of represented reality: the existence of the world as it is occurring.

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