Les Saisons Sullivan / The Seasons of Sullivan

Author : Louise Déry

2010, 173 p., softcover
Ill. (black and white), 26,1 x 26,1 cm
© Françoise Sullivan, Louise Déry, Marion Landry
20 $
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This book is a facsimile of The Seasons of Sullivan a limited-edition album published in 2007 by the Galerie de l’UQAM. It was originally printed in 75 copies as an artist’s book presenting the ambitious choreographic project with that title conceived by Françoise Sullivan in 1947 and 1948. However, reaching a broader audience seemed important.

The object of this publication is to revive a dance project on the cycle of the seasons that was meant to be performed and filmed in four different places. Only part of the cycle had been carried out: Summer at Les Escoumins in 1947 and the well-known Danse dans la neige on Mount Saint-Hilaire in February 1948. At last, sixty years later, the entire work has come into existence through the performance of the choreographies by four dancers; a video co-directed by Mario Côté and Françoise Sullivan, and photographs of the dancers in action taken by Marion Landry during filming. Louise Déry signed an essay on this pioneer of contemporary dance in Canada.

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