Shary Boyle. La chair et le sang / Flesh and Blood

Authors : Louise Déry, James Bewley and Michelle Jacques

2010, 192 p., hardcover
Col. ill., 21,5 x 27 cm
© Shary Boyle and the authors
ISBN 978-2-920325-41-8
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This bilingual publication accompanies the eponymous exhibition organized and circulated by the Galerie de l’UQAM. Ingenuity, virtuosity and refinement are but a few of the characteristics of the fabulous world Shary Boyle has created over the past twenty years. With extraordinary versatility, this Toronto artist engages in drawing, painting, sculpture, audio-visual performance and installations to explore various human psychological and emotional states through a fictional fantasy. At once feminist, dream-like and poetic, but always charged with disturbing emotion and expressive candour, her works generate daring and original perspectives on the present. The symbolic language of Shary Boyle unveils a consciousness haunted by considerations of the nature of life, heredity, sexuality, death, and our relationship to other species in a formidable range of scale and detail. The catalogue included an essay by the curator Louise Déry and additionnal texts by James Bewley and Michelle Jacques.


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